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Finally back in action – Plans for the near future

So, I’m actually taking time away from the code to write this message so I’ll make it brief. And I’m going to copy something I wrote a little earlier on the MinecraftForums.

*begin paste*

As suggested in the comments above, I’ve decompiled the 1.7.2/1.7.10 version of the LittleHelpers mod.

What does this mean? It means that my completion time of the new version has been drastically cut down. However, now that I have my source back, I’m probably going to fix the bugs in the old version first. With it in working order, I will then continue working on the new version that will boast several new features in addition to all of the old ones (and some config changes).

Get to the plan already! Okay okay, So, I’m going to fix the breeder and fisher in the current released version. Then I’m going to work on the new features that will be released in a whole new mod LittleHelpers Reborn, which won’t be compatible with the first version, sorry.

Thanks to everyone… who sent letters of encouragement and even the ones just nagging me to fix bugs. All of that, and the new found time have made it possible to get back into the modding scene.

Features/Feedback! Send it all!

*end paste*

Actually that about sums it up. I’m headed back to the code cave. See you all very soon!

should we venture into 1.7.10?

I’ve been debating this for a while. Should I update my mods for 1.7.10? With all of the Microsoft buzz and the insane amount of work @LexManos has at forge I’m wondering if it’s worth the trouble. How about letting my followers decide? Although you may be few I’d like to hear your input. Let me know what you think.



*NEW* KeepSomeItems Mod

*NEW* KeepSomeItems Mod

Currently, when a player dies this mod:

  • Chooses one random Weapon (All vanilla weapons + all mod items that extend ItemSword or ItemBow)
  • Chooses one random Armor (All vanilla armor + all mod items that extend ItemArmor)
  • Chooses one random Tool (All vanilla tools + all mod items that extend ItemTool)
  • Chooses two random remaining inventory items (This portion checks the entire inventory, minus the items already set to be given back to the player, for two random ItemStacks. This can include weapons, tools or armor especially if the player is only holding those types of items.)
  • All other items in the player’s inventory will be dropped on the ground as in vanilla Minecraft for the player to retrieve or to hear sizzle away in the magma sauce.

Player Strategy with this Mod Installed:

Players carrying high quality items should carry as little as possible in order to increase their chances of keeping these items.

LittleHelpers Update Abound

I’ve been working on a mod request, but as soon as it’s done I will be spending my spare time on fixing #LittleHelpers. It’s not terribly broken, just needs some balancing and some configuration options. Currently I have a recipe hard mode and an option to disable shears in the tree cutter (it’ll use the axes durability instead).

If anyone has other suggestions, just leave a comment and I’ll see if I can work it in.

LittleHelpers is a Blockbuster

No pun intended, okay yeah it was. So anyway I wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s downloaded my LittleHelpers mod. We’ve reached 500 downloads in 7 days. For me, that’s amazing. I should have created an automation mod before! 😀

So, from this excitement, I was inspired to add on to the mod by creating two new machines! All of the info is at the mod’s project page at http://www.MinecraftForums.net