MedicCraft Near Release!

Well after a solid two days of coding and debugging, I’m very close to a releaseable version of MedicCraft.

I’m vibrating with excitement as this, rewritten from scratch, mod is one of my prized jewels. I hope you enjoy it half as much as me 🙂


Two down! How many to go?

So far, with the new Forge in place, I’ve updated two of my mods: Craftable End Portal (CEP) and SweetTea!.

Both of these mods are for Forge build 1024+ and Minecraft 1.7.2

The question is, what should I do now? Currently I’m working on a full rewrite of MedicCraft, but really, I’d like to get feedback from you. Should I be working on MedicCraft, or should I be working on AnimalFarm? Maybe a new mod? I’m anxious to start giving the community what they want. So, let me know! There’s a poll down the page a bit. Please tell me what you think. Thanks!

Forge is Back, and So Am I [Minecraft 1.7.2 (and shortly 1.7.4)]

After starting school, I found it hard to manage my time with all of the other things in my life. So, I took some time off from modding. But, now I’m back. And this time I am going to do a full rewrite of every mod that I’ve created (5 so far). What does this mean? Well first off, it means that I will be releasing all mods for MCVersion 1.7.2 (and shortly 1.7.4). This also means that I will be prioritizing my mods so that the most popular ones are updated first.