EMPIRE Shelved, LittleHelpers in production

So, I’ve decided to shelve my EMPIRE mod. It’s currently in a non-released alpha stage that I’ll probably work on after MinecraftForge get’s updated to 1.8. I know this could be a while, so I’ve started a new mod in my VERY TINY amount of spare time.

As the name suggests, the mod will bring a small amount of automation to Minecraft. This mod is not unlike other automation mods per se, but it will have my own ideas incorporated. I always believed that most automation mods are super “over-powered,” but I always used them to take care of mundane tasks. However, when I finish exploring for a day and have two chests full of wheat, meat and wool. I feel like there’s quite a bit taken away from the game. In effect, my mod will have automation, but will also require the users input every now and then. So far, the “Fishery” is done and I am working on the “Crop Farmer.” When the latter is complete it will be a short hop to completing the “Big Crop Farmer” which takes care of watermelons and pumpkins. The last helper in the project as it’s currently planned, will be the Sapling Planter. I hope those of you that like automation, but dislike overpowered automation, can appreciate my venture and enjoy my mod.

Thanks all. Have a great Minecraft day.

I’ll try to set a date for release soon!



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Well thanks for stopping by. Have a great Minecraft day!

New Mod in Development – EMPIRE

All of my mods are now set to update and bug fix only. This is due to my latest project which I have entitled “EMPIRE.” Excited? You should be. I’m not going to release many details, but I’ll let you know that it includes the ability to build structures autonomously. What do these structures do? Well I’m not telling. Not yet at least.

Yup! That’s all you get for now.