LittleHelpers is a Blockbuster

No pun intended, okay yeah it was. So anyway I wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s downloaded my LittleHelpers mod. We’ve reached 500 downloads in 7 days. For me, that’s amazing. I should have created an automation mod before! 😀

So, from this excitement, I was inspired to add on to the mod by creating two new machines! All of the info is at the mod’s project page at


Blog Spring Cleaning

Just updated this site to reflect all the current information. I hope I got everything 😀

LittleHelpers Coming Out Big

Well I’ve finally had some free time and decided to get the LittleHelpers mod up and running. It’s not a finished product but check back here for a link sometime soon (when I have enough time to make a decent project page).

Currently the mod is at 0.4beta for MC 1.7.2. The feature list is pretty decent but at this stage there are no config options. Some are planned but not yet implemented. I’d love to find a Spriter to skin my blocks because right now they are atrocious.

I hope you all enjoy my new vision of autonomy for Minecraft. See ya soon!