*NEW* KeepSomeItems Mod

*NEW* KeepSomeItems Mod

Currently, when a player dies this mod:

  • Chooses one random Weapon (All vanilla weapons + all mod items that extend ItemSword or ItemBow)
  • Chooses one random Armor (All vanilla armor + all mod items that extend ItemArmor)
  • Chooses one random Tool (All vanilla tools + all mod items that extend ItemTool)
  • Chooses two random remaining inventory items (This portion checks the entire inventory, minus the items already set to be given back to the player, for two random ItemStacks. This can include weapons, tools or armor especially if the player is only holding those types of items.)
  • All other items in the player’s inventory will be dropped on the ground as in vanilla Minecraft for the player to retrieve or to hear sizzle away in the magma sauce.

Player Strategy with this Mod Installed:

Players carrying high quality items should carry as little as possible in order to increase their chances of keeping these items.


LittleHelpers Update Abound

I’ve been working on a mod request, but as soon as it’s done I will be spending my spare time on fixing #LittleHelpers. It’s not terribly broken, just needs some balancing and some configuration options. Currently I have a recipe hard mode and an option to disable shears in the tree cutter (it’ll use the axes durability instead).

If anyone has other suggestions, just leave a comment and I’ll see if I can work it in.