should we venture into 1.7.10?

I’ve been debating this for a while. Should I update my mods for 1.7.10? With all of the Microsoft buzz and the insane amount of work @LexManos has at forge I’m wondering if it’s worth the trouble. How about letting my followers decide? Although you may be few I’d like to hear your input. Let me know what you think.



4 thoughts on “should we venture into 1.7.10?

  1. I’m currently compiling a 1.7.10 modded survival, so it would be cool to have a new version of the Sweet Tea mod, but then again, with the massive amount of updates in 1.8, I would probably work on that as a developer. *shrug* if you do update them for 1.7.10, at least you’ll have it for people who prefer that version, you know?

    • Well I’m excited and sad to say that I recently gained employment so my thoughts of updating anything all evaporated. My solution was to release the source code to the public, but a system crash prematurely ended that notion. So, until I find some time I guess my projects are suspended. Thank you for your interest and I hope to rejoin the community soon.

  2. I personally feel you should at least update to 1.7.10, i’m using the little helpers mod on 1.7.10 and whilst most of it works the breeder and farm hand crash the game. thankfully the fisher doesn’t. I feel you should also include compatibility for mod crops as either a separate API (similar to how Mr crayfish included one for his oven) or as a configuration option. I’ve also found that some mod tools work and some don’t. It would be extremely gratifying to see the little helpers mod updated to work with 1.7.10 but it’s up to you in the end. Glad to hear of your recent employment, hope all goes well for you

  3. As you know from I’m working on things now, and I’m going to be taking all feedback very seriously. I have grown quite a bit programmer-wise so API’s and compatibility will be a goal to strive for vs. giving up on it like i did the first time. Thanks for the encouragement and feedback.

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