New Mod in Development – EMPIRE

All of my mods are now set to update and bug fix only. This is due to my latest project which I have entitled “EMPIRE.” Excited? You should be. I’m not going to release many details, but I’ll let you know that it includes the ability to build structures autonomously. What do these structures do? Well I’m not telling. Not yet at least.

Yup! That’s all you get for now.


Two down! How many to go?

So far, with the new Forge in place, I’ve updated two of my mods: Craftable End Portal (CEP) and SweetTea!.

Both of these mods are for Forge build 1024+ and Minecraft 1.7.2

The question is, what should I do now? Currently I’m working on a full rewrite of MedicCraft, but really, I’d like to get feedback from you. Should I be working on MedicCraft, or should I be working on AnimalFarm? Maybe a new mod? I’m anxious to start giving the community what they want. So, let me know! There’s a poll down the page a bit. Please tell me what you think. Thanks!


All new versions of all my mods are ready for download! These versions contain myriad bug fixes and a few new features. Also, along with these updates comes a new change log page here at NavybofusMods. It will be up as soon as I have time.